Flavoured Butter (25)

    Flavoured butter, sometimes also called compound butter or herb butter is a refreshing way to bring great flavours to steaks, seafood and even baked goods.

    Top Flavoured Butter Recipes

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    White fish are low in cholesterol and kilojoules, but high in valuable minerals, including potassium and phosphorus, and have useful quantities of niacin.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This looks complicated but it is basically marinated steak barbecued, then warmed up with a tasty onion butter. Start the steaks marinating in the morning for an afternoon or evening barbie.

    Recipe by: ttinkerbel

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    This garlic butter is so good, my grandmother actually called me for the recipe! Serve with freshly baked breads and rolls or on jacket potatoes.

    Recipe by: CKBK

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    There's nothing better than a simple fillet of fish baked in a lemon butter sauce. Serve with a side of rice or pasta and a crisp green salad.

    Recipe by: MATTDANB

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    This salmon recipe is so quick and easy to make it has become one of our regular dishes. We often make extra sauce to pour over new baby potatoes and vegetables.

    Recipe by: Sarah Davies

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