Savoury Flan

    Savoury flans are a great option for lunch or a light dinner, similar to a tart flans however are always made of an egg based filling, a little like their sweet custard flan dessert cousins. Savoury flans may, or may not have a crust.

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    This flan starts with a homemade pastry that is filled with lightly caramelised onions. A creamy blend of eggs, milk and sour cream is topped off with a sprinkling of pepper and caraway seed.

    Recipe by: anton

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    I'm not sure what the difference is between a leak pie and a leek flan but in my family this recipe has always been known as leek flan.

    Recipe by: GourmetGirl

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    This fabulously good Chicken and Macadamia Flan is great served hot or cold.

    Recipe by: TRUSTY754

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    This is a lovely flan in looks and tastes. I use a shop bought pie shell so it saves a lot of time. Guests will be wondering if you really made it or bought it from the shop.

    Recipe by: Keri

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    This flan is made in a homemade pastry then filled with sautéed bacon and onion along with a cream and egg custard. We have eaten this for every meal including breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner.

    Recipe by: sophie

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    A delicious, unusual combination of tuna, creamy yoghurt and cheese in shortcrust pastry. Lovely in summer or winter and great for using what you'd have in your cupboard anyway! My mother used to make this when you could only get Greek Yoghurt on holiday in Greece! She would describe it as mouthwatering - and it really is. Even friends who aren't too fond of canned tuna love this. It's definitely more delicious served cold but can be eaten from the oven.

    Recipe by: Carillion

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    A delicate and elegant salmon flan, to serve for a special dinner, Christmas or New Year's Eve. Prepare the bechamel up to 2 days ahead and just slightly reheat before using.

    Recipe by: Roberta

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    My daughters always carve pumpkins for Halloween, so I began cooking the pumpkin. Of course, the flan could have a richer pumpkin flavour if made with a deep-orange pie pumpkin, but we make it with the pumpkins we carve.

    Recipe by: fabrice

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    The flan case for this recipe is quickly made using a scone-style dough, and the subtle flavour of fresh thyme makes an ideal accompaniment to the creamy texture of the feta cheese filling. No eggs!

    Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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    Served with a green salad, this would make a lovely centrepiece for a vegetarian meal.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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