Chimichurri is a South American sauce that is similar to a nut-less Italian pesto but is more bold encompassing flavours like parsley, cumin, chilli and lemon juice.

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    Chimichurri is a marinade and sauce that hails from Argentina. It's excellent on steaks, and best used immediately.

    Recipe by: Ty Robbins

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    Chimichurri is a great raw ingredient sauce recipe that originates in Argentina that can be served on steak or barbecue but also makes a good marinade. See this recipe being made on Allrecipes Chimichurri Video.

    Recipe by: Fiorella

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    Chimichurri is an Argentinian steak sauce based on parsley and garlic. Here it is served with lean pork kebabs.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    Made in a bread machine this is a super easy bread recipe that has a unique taste based on the flavours of the famous Argentinean sauce Chimichurri.

    Recipe by: Tom Pampas

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    Coriander, garlic, green chilli and lime make up this a versatile sauce, condiment, or marinade for any Hispanic meat, seafood, or bean dish.

    Recipe by: Bobcat_Chef

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    This is the simplest way to make authentic Argentinean chimichurri. The greatest thing about authentic Argentinean food is that it is easy to make and hard to screw up!

    Recipe by: ryalibertino

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    This recipe combines beef tips with smoked paprika, chipotle, red wine vinegar and parsley for a unique Argentinean chimichurri main dish.

    Recipe by: LUCHAPROV

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    This rich and creamy avocado dip with plenty of fresh cilantro and parsley is a great condiment for Mexican food. It's quick and easy to make, too!

    Recipe by: VALdelish

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    Steamed lentils and feta cheese are tossed in a homemade chimichurri sauce made with fresh herbs creating an easy lentil salad.

    Recipe by: Kim luvscooking

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    Parsley, garlic, tomato, and spices in red wine vinegar and olive oil make this a versatile condiment perfect with any Mediterranean dish.

    Recipe by: Dache

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