Chestnuts are a great ingredient in stuffing or stir fry recipes but you can also make chestnut soup or just roast a few chestnuts for a snack.

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    Global Cuisine

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    The prawns, mushrooms, water chestnuts and snow peas are combined with a slightly garlicky and spicy sauce.

    Recipe by: KMOMMYZ

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    This is an easy, Asian inspired one pot meal of chicken, capsicum, water chestnuts, and pineapple with a soy sauce, vinegar, and brown sugar sauce.

    Recipe by: sal

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    If Christmas makes you think of cranberries and chestnuts then this is a great stuffing for you, but it can be used at any time of the year in chicken, duck, turkey or cooked alone.

    Recipe by: Schneeball

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    Nothing sets off a celebratory dinner like roast duck; this recipe calls for the duck to be marinated for 12 hours before being gently roasted then grilled to ensure a crisp skin.

    Recipe by: babsi_s

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    This dish is easy to make and the results are well worth it. Pork ribs are delicious stir fried with potatoes and chestnuts. Serve with freshly cooked rice.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    These little wontons are a great finger food at parties. They can also be kept frozen after frying. Just thaw about an hour and reheat in the oven for 20 minutes. Serve with dipping sauce.

    Recipe by: Vikki Favreau

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    This amazingly chocolate cake is a bit labor-intensive, but well worth the work. Chestnuts and marrons glaces are available in specialty food stores and gourmet stores.

    Recipe by: MARBALET

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    Rumaki is a Hawaiian entree made of water chestnuts that are marinated in teriyaki sauce then wrapped in streaky bacon then baked until crispy and delicious.

    Recipe by: Monica Johnson

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    A hot chestnut and Madeira sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the taste of venison. This is a good dish for a special occasion.

    Recipe by: ELVISLIVES56

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    Fresh chestnuts are only in season for a short time in mid- to late autumn and winter, so make the most of these sweet nuts while you can get them.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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