Pork Shoulder (56)

    Pork shoulder is an ideal cut of meat for long slow cooking whether this is in a slow cooker, oven or smoker. This is the traditional cut used to make pulled pork.

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    Shredded slow-cooked pork shoulder is served in corn tortillas with finely sliced cabbage, red onion and salsa, then served with an Mexican lime crema on the side.

    Recipe by: Doug

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    Carnitas can be a little dry or flavourless. This carnitas recipe, however, has a great, distinctive flavour and is requested by friends and family over and over. Serve with warm tortillas and salsa.

    Recipe by: Nette

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    This is a Mexican-style pork filling for tamales, tacos or burritos. A tamale is a Mexican dish consisting of a soft pastry filled with meat, then steamed.

    Recipe by: APPLUVR

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    This is based on the American style pulled pork but as I don't have a smoker this is a good substitute. It has all the complex flavours minus the smoke. The tips section includes how to smoke it American BBQ style or make it in a slow cooker.

    Recipe by: BushCook

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    This is an easy and delicious recipe. Pork shoulder is sliced and then slow cooked with onion and spices. Great served hot in buns. Check the tips for cooking this on the stove top as well.

    Recipe by: Kimber

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