Paleo Diet Recipes (30)

The Paleo diet is based on our pre-agricultural revolution ancestor's diet, thus avoiding modern over refined and processed foods.

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I was craving a hash and decided to throw together something that was paleo-friendly. The sweet potatoes in this give it a touch of sweetness, the chorizo gives it a flavorful punch, and the egg tops this dish off perfectly! It is an easy dish to choose different veggies and make it your own! Have fun with it!

Recipe by: bizzymomma

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These paleo pancakes couldn't be easier and must be tried to be believed! Simply banana and egg - no sugar, no gluten, no grain. You can also make them dairy free by frying in coconut oil instead of butter. Enjoy with maple syrup or honey.

Recipe by: Karen Gaudette Brewer

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Fluffy and tasty gluten free banana bread...yummier than you'd think!

Recipe by: cphannah

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Paleo eating is a healthy lifestyle choice. Paleo foods are gluten free, grain and wheat free, dairy free, full of natural healthy fats and proteins. Here is a great Paleo pancake recipe to tickle your tastebuds. All ingredients can be found in your local supermarket.

Recipe by: cphannah

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This is a classic favourite sausage recipe that has a few tweaks that make it perfect for my paleo friends without my other friends even suspecting.

Recipe by: Launa

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