Venison (deer meat) is a great change to the normal meat options. There are many recipes including versions where it is stewed, stir-fried or fried as a steak.

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    Venison is fried before being added to a casserole dish with a tomato and capsicum pasta sauce then sprinkled in cheese.

    Recipe by: Kandicegibson

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    Venison mince in a cheesy tomato sauce, layered with cooked pasta, topped with more cheese then baked until golden brown. It is a great way to eat minced venison.

    Recipe by: IronChefLaurie

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    Delicious venison steak dish made using wild and foraged ingredients, served with a red wine and blackberry sauce.

    Recipe by: FoodAndWine

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    This is a fantastic slow cooker recipe. Venison is slowly cooked with salsa, beans, sweetcorn and capsicum, then blended with cream cheese and wrapped in a flour tortilla with Cheddar.

    Recipe by: Lori

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    A slow cooker is a good way to cook game meats like venison that may be tough and need a long cook time.

    Recipe by: missbrenda

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    I had always wanted to try venison and then came across this recipe that worked out great. I hope you like it too.

    Recipe by: RUTHWARD

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    Venison fillet steaks are pan-seared and served with a smooth blackberry and red wine sauce.

    Recipe by: Kimmy

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    Venison and black beans simmered with onions and bacon in red wine and brown sugar. This also tastes great with any other type of game meat that you may have.

    Recipe by: Scotch

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    Here's an amazing way to jazz up a hamburger: with venison and Guinness! Serve with or without the usual condiments as you prefer.

    Recipe by: spicymum79

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    An excellent alternative to the classic chicken or beef fajitas. Onions, capsicum and venison are sauteed in a homemade fajita seasoning, then served in warmed flour tortillas.

    Recipe by: kellyb

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