Tomato Salad

    Fresh tomatoes are one of summer's greatest gifts. Discover the possibilities – tomato basil salad, tomato pasta salad, tomato cucumber salad, and many more.

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    Global Cuisine

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    A phytochemical in corn protects your eyes against age-related macular degeneration, which causes blindness.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    7 reviews

    Add a little zip to your salad with fresh green chillies. The heat makes this simple salad idea with barbecue or Mexican food. Dress with your favourite vinaigrette.

    Recipe by: JAMESPOL

    47 reviews

    Cherry tomatoes, spring onions, fresh basil and coriander combine in a salad that's perfect on a hot summer evening.

    Recipe by: PEGGYLEBLANC

    12 reviews

    This is a great pasta to serve in summer when you don't want a hot meal. Ripe tomatoes, fresh basil and garlic are key.

    Recipe by: ORNERY

    32 reviews

    Sometimes (and especially in summer) all you want is a simple salad! This is good for a light lunch.

    Recipe by: venia

    206 reviews

    A great Middle Eastern style salad with chickpeas mixed with onion, garlic, tomato and lemon juice. Lovely.

    Recipe by: Jen Jen

    26 reviews

    A lovely fresh salad to serve on the side or as a main with potatoes. Make a couple of hours to roast the tomatoes beforehand.

    Recipe by: Andypoc

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    A tasty picnic salad with tinned corn, diced tomatoes and red onion. It's seasoned with fresh coriander, fresh squeezed lime juice and rice vinegar.

    Recipe by: Twila Davis Reed

    10 reviews

    This is a lovely salad with the same ingredients you find in borscht - beetroot, tomato, celery and dill. Lovely in summer.

    Recipe by: COOKINGQUEEN75

    6 reviews

    The perfect use for big summer tomatoes - sliced and drizzled with lime, chilli oil and fresh coriander.

    Recipe by: Santiago

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