Chicory (sometimes sold as radicchio or Belgian endive) is a salad green cherished for its bitter taste. It can also be blanched in boiling water and sauted in pasta recipes.

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This is a creamy concoction of endive and beans. You could also use chicory or rocket. Serve with toasted baguette or ciabatta.

Recipe by: KristaP

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Bocconcini cheese is the main ingredient scrumptious salad. You can substitute the any bitter green leaf like endive or more rocket for the chicory.

Recipe by: Mario

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This quick and easy salad combines oranges and walnuts in a creamy yoghurt dressing. You can use rocket - or any bitter green - instead of chicory.

Recipe by: gartenfee

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This soup is nice and creamy even though it does not contain cream. Chicory is sometimes sold as radicchio.

Recipe by: Tina

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Chicory is not just a salad plant, it goes very well with ham in a delicious lunchtime soup. Garnish with fresh herbs if you like.

Recipe by: ChristyM

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Salmon fillets, simply fried and served on top of a chicory tomato salad with an unusual vanilla dressing. An easy summer dinner.

Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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Great flavours in one dish - endives, olives, lemon juice and capers. Serve as a side dish or with toasted bread, or even use to top a jacket potato. Makes two generous servings. If you can't find endives, use chicory or even rocket.

Recipe by: Tammy

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A lovely simple Italian fennel salad. If you can't find Belgian endive you can substitute any bitter leaf like chicory or radicchio.

Recipe by: lucky

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This duck salad features radicchio, sometimes called Italian chicory, a deep red lettuce with a slightly bitter flavour. You can buy it at Woolworths and other supermarkets.

Recipe by: rolypoly

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Endive, chicory and radicchio make a bitter-sweet salad which is particularly good served after a hearty stew or to accompany a rich main course such as roast goose. Or just if you love bitter greens.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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