Fish Steak (32)

    Steaks don't just come from the land, there are many fish that creat firm fish fillets that are served as steaks, particularly popular are tuna steaks and swordfish steaks.

    Top Fish Steak Recipes

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    Tuna and teriyaki both come out wonderful on the BBQ, so it is only natural to combine the two flavours as done in this recipe.

    Recipe by: DRIBBS

    29 reviews

    You can use this marinade on any fish you like and it works well, but tuna is especially good. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Kimber

    237 reviews

    Tuna is marinated in a simple lemon garlic combination before being dusted with a homemade spice rub then gently fried or BBQed, so simple, so tasty.

    Recipe by: AcadiaBoi

    2 reviews

    A great lemon based marinade for Jewfish steaks before chucking them on the BBQ. One or two hours of marinating is all that is required, any longer and it negatively effects the texture of the fish.

    Recipe by: homeboy

    738 reviews

    A great marinade for tuna or other fish steaks which involves orange juice, soy sauce, lemon juice and garlic.

    Recipe by: LINKYJ

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