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    Beef Bourguignon, Beef Stroganoff, Thai Beef Salad - classic dishes made with beef.

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    This is a very easy beef stroganoff recipe that is super yummy! It's a great family meal that is cheap and surprisingly delicious. Give it a go!

    Recipe by: Teegz

    4 reviews

    Tasty, rustic, moist and delicious! If you grate the onion, this mix makes awesome meatballs and also makes a good meatloaf.

    Recipe by: Simoncase

    2 reviews

    Combined with mushrooms, a small amount of meat goes a long way. Cooked in a creamy sauce made with light sour cream, then tossed with tagliatelle, this makes a luxurious dish, with much less fat than the original version.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

    13 reviews

    Low fat home-made burgers extended with mushrooms for extra taste and fibre. You can grill them instead of frying or - of course - cook them on the barby. A really good way to get fussy kids to eat well! Serves as burgers or as rissoles with veges.

    Recipe by: BARBIE24

    145 reviews

    A deliciously rich stroganoff - thinly sliced beef in a sour cream sauce. This recipe is how Count Stroganoff intended the dish to be made!

    Recipe by: SPEECHTEACHER

    90 reviews

    Beef Stroganoff has always been a favourite casserole to eat, now with this slow cooker version it has become a favourite to cook.

    Recipe by: heidigrl43434

    1 review

    Beef prepared à la bourguignonne is best started overnight to maximise the rich flavour of the beef and red wine. It's worth using a good-quality red in the dish—you'll appreciate the superior flavour.

    Recipe by: Zoë Harpham

    2 reviews

    This tasty main-dish salad is made extra delicious with a creamy mustard dressing. Serve with lots of crusty fresh bread for a satisfying and healthy meal.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

    2 reviews

    These are delicious made on the bbq or indoors on the stove. The patties are light and very tasty.

    Recipe by: Marlz

    1 review

    On quiet nights when it's just little 'ol me to cook for I like to make myself an "S.O.B" ....a Steak and Onion Burger!

    Recipe by: Linda

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