Polish Recipes (42)

    Poland is a great source of rich and varied recipes. Generally Polish food is hearty and uses a lot of eggs and cream. The traditional recipes often have long intricate preparations.

    Top Polish Recipes

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    This is a very popular poppy seed bread from Poland! You can cover the rolls with a simple glaze and flaked almonds.

    Recipe by: gee

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    Looking for a change from Asian dumplings? Try these great traditional Polish dumplings that are filled with cheese, potato and mushrooms.

    Recipe by: Magda

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    These filled Polish dumplings are usually served with sour cream and crispy bacon. This is an old family recipe.

    Recipe by: Mary Martin

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    This is a Polish Easter bread with currents, sultanas and almonds. It makes three loaves, but they disappear quickly!

    Recipe by: Eleanor Johnson

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    The classic Polish dumplings but with a different filling - bacon, beef, pork and mushrooms make a hearty meal.

    Recipe by: silkdiver

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