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Sultanas a a versitile ingredient used in recipes from cakes, breads and muffins to salads and curries they are a great ingredient to have on hand.

Top Sultana Recipes

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This cake recipe doesn’t use refined sugar, rather it gets its sweetness from grated apples and pineapple juice which pairs well with the cinnamon and nutmeg spice.

Recipe by: Giselle Manaog

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Warm and comforting bread pudding is a favourite especially in the colder months, and it is very simple to make even with stale bread.

Recipe by: Marc Boyer

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Quick and easy to prepare, this cake makes a healthy snack for hungry children or a handy addition to lunchboxes. And it's a great way to use up bananas that have been sitting in the fruit bowl for too long.

Recipe by: Ariana Klepac

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A real banana bread for those that don't want a sticky wet quick cake recipe. You'll get a better flavour from this banana bread and no need to mash the bananas...the bread machine will mash them as it mixes the bread.

Recipe by: oz

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This is a great recipe for the bread machine, no fuss at all. Sultana bread is great toasted with just a little butter for a real treat.

Recipe by: Rob Wilson

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