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It is worth not forgetting the simple method of toasting when planning a simple lunch or light dinner. Or you can make it as fancy as you want with French toast or exotic toasted sandwiches.

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Toasted brioche bread or "fette biscottate" is a staple ingredient for Italian breakfast. With a spread of jam, Nutella, or just butter and sugar, this crispy bread is great also with dips, cheese or salami.

Recipe by: lacucinadinadia

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This Spanish fish recipe is perfect for leftover fish. Watch the recipe being cooked in the Allrecipes Mashed Cod and Potato Video. You can use salt cod (soaked overnight in several water changes) or substitute with blue-eye or other white fish.

Recipe by: Luis Luna

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These are crunchy biscuits a bit like biscotti but simpler to make, with only four ingredients. Perfect for afternoon tea or with coffee.

Recipe by: Debbi

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I came up with this sandwich on my own after I decided to experiment with some ingredients from the fridge. My husband absolutely loved it! Sprinkling the outside of the sandwich before frying really makes it.


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This easy and tasty ham and Swiss sammy has ham, tomato, Swiss cheese, Dijon mustard in toasted bread. Makes a great lunch alone or with soup and salad.

Recipe by: kmy

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