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    Choose from our selection of mouthwatering desserts including cupcakes, tarts, pavlova and more! Each of these recipes has a handy video to accompany them.

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    30 reviews

    There is nothing more native to New Zealand and Australia than Pavlova! This is a foolproof recipe that has withstood the test of time.

    Recipe by: HSIAO

    533 reviews

    Lemon curd is absolutely delicious on crumpets or muffins and it is a snap to make in the microwave. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: CATSEO

    168 reviews

    Love chocolate? Love cheesecake? Have them both together by making this delicious chocolate cheesecake for friends and family.

    Recipe by: SUGAR.PLUM.FAIRY

    335 reviews

    These fancy mini gooey chocolate cakes are perfect for a chocolate fix. A good-quality plain chocolate is necessary for the success of these cakes.

    Recipe by: Russ Smith

    250 reviews

    This is slightly different to the usual apple crumble topping but is easy to make and utterly delicious served warm with cream.

    Recipe by: Olga

    Dessert Videos Videos

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      Apples in Coals
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      Ube Panna Cotta
    • videoTitle
      Lemon Curd in the Microwave
    • videoTitle
      Marzipan Potatoes

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