Egg Free Brownies

    Brownies are the ultimate rich treat and there are so many recipes that don't contain eggs that it is perfect for your next egg free special treat.

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    Lovely moist chocolate brownies with zucchini for additional flavour and texture. You be amazed at the difference.

    Recipe by: Marian

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    These are tasty brownies made with ripe bananas, for those who are allergic to dairy, wheat, gluten and eggs.

    Recipe by: SCHRIS1

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    These wonderfully fudgy chocolate brownies are best served slightly warm from the oven, but still great tasting the next day.

    Recipe by: Denise

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    When I tell people that these brownies are gluten-free, dairy-free, egg-free, nut-free and soy-free – the response is always “well, what’s in them?” I respond – pigilicious magic! I hit the jackpot with these brownies. They are not too sweet with a super moist texture. Increase the chocolate if you prefer a more decadent brownie. But I think they are great just as they are!

    Recipe by: theblendergirl

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    Delicious dairy-free and egg-free brownies with a subtle spice flavour. You can omit the coconut if you're not a fan. be careful not to overcook them.

    Recipe by: le petit haricot

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    Store this brownie mix in a jar with instruction tag attached for a novel and delicious gift idea sure to please.

    Recipe by: Lisa

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    Brownies are great by themselves but they are even better when topped with this combination of chocolate and marshmallows.

    Recipe by: LIZALOUISE

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    5-ingredient, no bake brownies that are rich, chocolatey and slightly nutty with the flavour of fresh ginger that really brings them to life. Vegan, raw and gluten-free with no added sugar for a healthy treat or dessert.

    Recipe by: TheTofuDiaries

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    These are a great healthy alternative to regular brownies, made with carob, seeds and nuts instead of chocolate.

    Recipe by: Michelle

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    These mint chocolate chip brownies are rich and full of chocolate. With soy milk, raw sugar, baking chocolate, chocolate bits and peppermint essence. What a treat.

    Recipe by: Kelsey

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