Egg Free Chocolate Cake

    Love chocolate cake but can't eat eggs? No problems this is a great collection of chocolate cake recipes that have no eggs.

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    As long as you make sure the chocolate chips are non-dairy, this chocolate cake is completely egg-free, dairy-free and nut-free! You will never know the difference.

    Recipe by: Bridget Brooke-meer

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    This is a super easy chocolate cake. It has no eggs or milk, and is mixed in the same pan it's baked in.

    Recipe by: Honda

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    This delicious chocolate zucchini cake is a perfect example of how delicious vegan baking can be. Pure indulgence!

    Recipe by: TheFlexitarian

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    This is a straightforward chocolate cake recipe but contains no eggs. The chocolate icing is particularly thick and decadent. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: Ladan

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    This is the best chocolate fudge cake in the world. It's got unique ingredients, NO eggs, NO butter and a great texture and taste. It's easy to make, bake and decorate. Make this cake and impress your family and friends!

    Recipe by: Chocomania

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    This delicious chocolate cake is moist, flavoursome and perfect for those who have egg allergies. It is super simple to make too!

    Recipe by: Marissa

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