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Swordfish are a firm, oily fish that is good for recipes that softer fish can't be used for like kebabs, stir fries and barbecue as shown in these recipes.

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This is a memorable swordfish dish with a sauce of raisins, olives and capers. Also works well with barramundi.

Recipe by: Rockfishusa

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A great marinade for swordfish or barramundi of white wine, lemon juice, garlic and soy sauce. Bright flavours that allow the fish to shine.

Recipe by: MIKE T 007

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Marinated in white wine, soy sauce and sesame oil, these swordfish steaks are stuffed with fresh rocket and diced tomatoes then barbecued to perfection.


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Rosemary and garlic combine in white wine to make a special marinade that goes so well with the swordfish in this easy to make recipe.

Recipe by: CARLOSA

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This is a very easy fish recipe with a nice fresh tang from the green herb topping. You could also cook the fish on the barbecue.

Recipe by: erin devill

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