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Thai chilli is both a style of chilli and a base for many recipes from Thai chilli soups to stir fries and noodles to rice dishes, there is a recipe for you.

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A bit of a kick from Thai chilli sauce makes all the difference with chicken noodle soup. You can also use leftover cooked chicken which cuts down the prep time a bit.


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Chicken stir-fired with chilli and basil and with coconut cream stirred in at the end. Use Thai basil if you can get it.

Recipe by: nmgill

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Your favourite cut of steak marinated in a mix of Thai chilli sauce, Thai fish sauce, sesame oil, freshly grated ginger and crushed garlic. Barbecued to perfection.

Recipe by: lcpgh

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Serve this classic Thai sauce in a communal dish or individual dishes to be spooned on simple roasted or steamed seafood.

Recipe by: Wiley

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This is a great deep fried crispy fish that is served with a homemade chucnky Thai chilli sauce. You can use any fish but it is ideal for fresh water trout or anything from the snapper family.

Recipe by: Wiley

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This fried rice is very easy and tasty. Serve with Nam pla prik - a Thai chilli and fish sauce.

Recipe by: Karnjana

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Simple barbecue prawns need a great sauce and this one does not fail to deliver. It is available at all my back yard events.

Recipe by: Wiley

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Pork is marinated for at least an hour, cooked on the barbecue, sliced then served with a Thai fish sauce based dressing containing chilli and garlic.

Recipe by: Wiley

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If you are looking for a homemade sauce for spring rolls to dip into this is a great choice. It combines garlic and chilling in a sweet sauce.

Recipe by: Toi

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Sweet chilli sauce adds a delightful zing to the marinade that accompanies these chicken skewers. They make a tangy entree or light meal, and can also be cooked on a barbecue.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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