BBQ Trout

Fresh trout is great cooked on the BBQ especially whole, stuffed and wrapped in foil. Other BBQ trout recipes include rosemary trout and paper wrapped trout.

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Tasty fresh trout done in a selection of herbs and citrus! A healthy choice for the BBQ. If you prefer, you can cook the whole trout!

Recipe by: shaggy

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Trout is a delicious fish which can be treated very simply. Here's my recipe for barbecuing it with wine and lemon.

Recipe by: MICHELLE0011

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For a healthier barbecue option, try some stuffed fish! Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Barbecued Stuffed Trout Video.

Recipe by: Brandon

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Rainbow trout is ideal for this simple barbecue dish. The coating of the fish with the sauce while still on the BBQ allows it to seal and tighten up like a glaze.

Recipe by: zeppelin68

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There is nothing better than freshly caught trout cooked over a campfire with a few simple herbs - but this recipe works fine on the barbecue too.

Recipe by: Dakota01

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Whole trout are stuffed with a jalapeno, capsicum, mango and coriander filling then wrapped in foil and cooked on the BBQ.

Recipe by: VALKARYN

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Wet newspaper conserves moisture and succulence by effectıvely steaming these fish, particularly when they are cooked over an open fire.

Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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This is a recipe we make when we go on fishing trips and cook on the camp fire. It can easily be replicated in your BBQ at home if you are not the camping type.

Recipe by: snugglepunkin

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