Yoghurt Cake

    Yoghurt as the dairy base in cakes is becoming a popular, tasty and healthy alternative. Popular yoghurt flavour cake recipes include lemon, spiced and orange.

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    This is a rich, moist and delicious cake. I have had this recipe since 1974 and always make this cake during autumn and winter. The cake needs no icing except maybe a dusting of icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Georgie

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    This cake is so simple and good I sometimes have it for breakfast! As a variation use flavoured yoghurt or add some jam to the mix.

    Recipe by: Beth Nywening

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    Here's an interesting cheesecake which uses yoghurt curd rather than cream cheese. It is very smooth and delicious, but it does need to be prepared ahead of time.

    Recipe by: Charlotte

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    A yummy cake if you have an abundance of ripe blueberries! This loaf cake uses yogurt and olive oil to make it extra moist.

    Recipe by: Chantal

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    This is a delightful yoghurt cake that is dairy free and packed with flavours from lavender and blackberries.

    Recipe by: WatkinsandGeorge

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    The yoghurt and lemon syrup make this cake deliciously moist and dense. I make it in a slice pan but it can also be made in a 20cm round cake pan and baked for 40 minutes.

    Recipe by: Cathie33

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    Yoghurt and tinned fruit make a simple but delicious filling and icing for this chocolate layer cake.

    Recipe by: gartenfee

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    This cheesecake is light and mousse-like and it makes use of speculoos biscuits and petits suisse cheese.

    Recipe by: helenearm

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    A neat trick when making yoghurt cakes is to use the empty yoghurt container to measure your flour, sugar and oil, so there is no need for exact measuring.

    Recipe by: Bibus

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    When making a yoghurt cake, you use the empty yoghurt carton for measuring the other ingredients. This makes it super easy.

    Recipe by: matoutina

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