Yoghurt Cake (24)

    Yoghurt as the dairy base in cakes is becoming a popular, tasty and healthy alternative. Popular yoghurt flavour cake recipes include lemon, spiced and orange.

    Top Yoghurt Cake Recipes

    1 review

    This lemony cake gets its tangy flavour from yoghurt rather than sour cream. Good served with fresh berries.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

    1 review

    Easy to make and pretty cake. Can switch berries.

    Recipe by: MortarandPestle

    192 reviews

    This is a little different from a regular cake. The yoghurt makes it moist but it is still lovely and light. Perfect as an afternoon snack with guests.

    Recipe by: Carol

    166 reviews

    A yoghurt flavoured pound cake - a healthier version where the sour cream has been replaced. The flavouring is enhanced with not only lemon essence, but also lemon flavoured yoghurt.

    Recipe by: RUTHEY

    60 reviews

    The yoghurt in this recipe helps make this cake both flavoursome and moist. Change the fruit flavour by simply changing the yoghurt: strawberry, raspberry, fruit salad.

    Recipe by: DAPDUB

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