Ring Cake (229)

    Moist and delicious ring cakes - easy to make and impressive for guests.

    Top Ring Cake Recipes

    33 reviews

    A chocolate cake is cooked in a ring tin with a coconut macaroon filling that is not found until cut. Vanilla icing is used to decorate.

    Recipe by: Juanita

    169 reviews

    This is a deliciously light and moist sponge cake topped with a simple glaze made with lemon juice and icing sugar.

    Recipe by: Polly Welby

    15 reviews

    The easiest, moistest banana cake ever - with three eggs and three bananas. I always ice it with this luscious lemon icing.

    Recipe by: Susan

    17 reviews

    This nourishing cake keeps well in a covered container for three or four days. A denser cake with a more pronounced banana flavour is obtained by using very ripe bananas.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

    56 reviews

    Fun 'cake' for kids parties! Smarties, popcorn and peanuts held together by melted butter and marshmallows.

    Recipe by: Johnna

    Ring Cake Videos

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      Babka Cake
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      Lemon Drizzle Cake
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      Toffee Apple Cake
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      Mexican Creme Caramel
    • videoTitle
      Impossible Cake

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