Layer Cake

    Layers of moist delicious cake filled with cream, jam or mousse. Many variations - easy to fantastical - to suit your taste, your time, and your experience.

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    This cake is extra special when made with clear, unsweetened cherry liqueur (kirsch). If kirsch is not available, brandy is an acceptable substitute.

    Recipe by: Valinda

    2 reviews

    Cocoa, flour, sugar and eggs are ingredients you’d expect to find in a cake. The surprise addition here is - tomato juice!

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    1 review

    This is such a good way to get both your veggies and fruits in one hit. Carrot and pineapple make a surprisingly good combination.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

    90 reviews

    Red velvet cakes are an American style 2 layer cake that makes a beautiful alternative to a plain or chocolate cake.

    Recipe by: Julie Dugas

    4 reviews

    Make sure you don't eat too much at Chrissy lunch, cause this cake is so delicious you will definitely want more than just 1 little slice.

    Recipe by: akarro

    125 reviews

    With Guinness and Baileys, so rich and decadent, a delicious Irish treat for St. Patrick's Day or any time of year!

    Recipe by: jowolf2

    2 reviews

    A good versatile sponge cake recipe is essential to any baker's repertoire. It can be as simple or fancy as you like.

    Recipe by: VAL_51

    18 reviews

    This is an amazing dessert cake from Latvia. It's a beautiful combination of sour cream and honey in five thin cake layers. Very quick to cook with a very impressive result.

    Recipe by: Sandra

    7 reviews

    This is an absolutely wonderful cake that has six layers. It is perfect for special occasions. Serve with whipped cream.

    Recipe by: MELISSAPARCEL

    1 review

    This cake is entirely aptly named. It's devilishly delicious! It's one of my partner's favourites, but I try and only make it for him on special occasions because I can't trust myself to be left alone in the house with the finished product - it's just too good! A rich chocolate cake that has a lighter texture than a mud cake but is much fuller in flavour than a sponge. After amalgamating many a recipe I've finally developed my own. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: chorazy

    2 / 9

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