Penne (96)

    Penne is tubular pasta, sometimes with ridges along the sides to hold even more sauce. Try a recipe for chicken penne or a delicious penne pasta bake.

    Top Penne Pasta Recipes

    150 reviews

    Kind of like an Italian version of a stir-fry, this tasty dish mixes cubed, boneless chicken and penne pasta with red and green capsicums, garlic, tomatoes, oregano and basil for an easy weeknight dinner.

    Recipe by: JBLUVS2COOK

    291 reviews

    An easy midweek dinner, where garlic and tomatoes are sauteed in wine and served over penne with prawns.

    Recipe by: GILSDORF

    74 reviews

    Nothing complements pasta like bacon and mushrooms; this is a great recipe that combines these ingredients to make a tasty sauce for penne.

    Recipe by: ONYX78

    776 reviews

    You can use bacon instead of the pancetta in this quick light meal where tomatoes, spinach and garlic are served with penne.

    Recipe by: Jean Tagliere

    5 reviews

    Very low in kilojoules, yet packed with meaty flavour, mushrooms also contain substances that may enhance the immune system and slow tumour growth. Cooking mushrooms breaks down their fibrous cell walls, making some of their nutrients more available to the body.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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