Chocolate Layer Cake (32)

Variations on a classic, these cakes combine the decadence of chocolate with the elegance of a layer cake.

Top Chocolate Layer Cake Recipes

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Cocoa, flour, sugar and eggs are ingredients you’d expect to find in a cake. The surprise addition here is - tomato juice!

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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For the Minecraft fan in your life, try decorating this wonderful Minecraft themed chocolate cake! For a step by step tutorial watch the Allrecipes Minecraft Cake video .

Recipe by: Magda

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There's no cake quite so impressive as the Black Forest cake and it's not hard to make at home. Perfect for birthdays or Valentine's Day.

Recipe by: Linda Greer

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This cake is extra special when made with clear, unsweetened cherry liqueur (kirsch). If kirsch is not available, brandy is an acceptable substitute.

Recipe by: Valinda

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With Guinness and Baileys, so rich and decadent, a delicious Irish treat for St. Patrick's Day or any time of year!

Recipe by: jowolf2

Chocolate Layer Cake Videos

How to Decorate a Minecraft Cake
How to Decorate a Minecraft Cake

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