Bacon Baking

    Bacon is a delicious thing to bake with. Think of bacon quiche, a New Zealand bacon and egg pie or bacon rolls. Find inspiration in the recipes and ideas below.

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    Eat them on their own or with meat and veg. These potatoes are so good, I could eat the whole lot myself.

    Recipe by: shazzieau

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    This is a very easy to make and very delicious meal of pounded chicken breasts stuffed with cheese and rolled with bacon. Serve with salad.

    Recipe by: Requiem23

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    The best of both worlds! Sweet, savoury and absolutely delicious.

    Recipe by: MegPie

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    Strips of sirloin beef are rolled with bacon then sauteed before being simmered with onions and butter. Great as an entree or main meal.

    Recipe by: Dawn Kennedy

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    Make your scrambled eggs in a muffin tin, topped with bacon and cheese. Kids especially love these little individual egg 'muffins.'

    Recipe by: Cathie

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    You might be surprised but the inclusion of chocolate chips and maple together in a whipped batter - with bacon - make this biscuit recipe a treat!

    Recipe by: Mike "Tartags"

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    This is a great breakfast, brunch or lunch bake that is similar to a bread and butter pudding except savoury with bacon, capsicum and spinach.

    Recipe by: Launa

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    You can't go wrong with a baked potato stuffed with bacon. I love the flavour and smoothness that the sour cream brings to the dish.

    Recipe by: homeboy

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