Bread Pizza (27)

Sometimes it is easier to forgo making pizza dough and just make it on bread. Whether you prefer on French bread, pita bread or Lebanese bread there is a recipe idea.

Top Bread Pizza Recipes

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My son is now disappointed if we have normal pizza, he wants his on a roll and to be able make it himself and to pick his own toppings.

Recipe by: Hanni

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These pizzas are so easy to make and you can use whatever toppings you like. Kids love them and so do I.

Recipe by: mumofsix

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This is just like a pizza without the need to make the dough! Try various toppings. I'd suggest capers, salami, capsicums, fresh basil, oregano, etc.


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This is just a different kind of cheese roll with a few added ingredients for more flavour. I haven't given precise amounts of each ingredient other than the dough as some might like more or less of each

Recipe by: krickitt

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This is an easy yet impressive looking entree which works well for all parties. I made these for a cocktail party at home and they went fast.

Recipe by: SMITH8CLAN

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