Cheese Lasagna (24)

Ricotta, cottage cheese, you name it! If you like your lasagne extra cheesy, look here for recipe ideas!

Top Cheese Lasagna Recipes

1 review

These easy individual serves of lasagne are a nice twist on standard vegetarian lasagne. They are also great to freeze. Use fresh lasagne sheets to make this even quicker.

Recipe by: BETTIE

9 reviews

Absolutely delicious spinach and feta lasagne which is quick to make and forgiving on quantities, and you can add other vegetables. Meat eaters will enjoy it too!!

Recipe by: alyshab

4 reviews

This is an unusual chicken lasagne but everyone loves the taste. A quick dinner, too; if you use instant lasagne you don't have to cook the sheets making this even easier.

Recipe by: Caroline

3 reviews

Here's a decadent lasagne recipe the whole family will love. Try adding some extra chopped vegetables in with the spinach to get the kids to have that extra serving.

Recipe by: Lisa Humpf

1 review

Ricotta, feta, mozzarella and parmesan are combined with roasted pumpkin, roasted tomato and barbecued eggplant in this filling and cheesy vegetarian lasagne.

Recipe by: BLACK_CAT52

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