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    Whether you are looking for a morning coffee, iced coffee or fancy coffee to finish a dinner party we have the recipe inspiration you need.

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    Global Cuisine

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    Everything in a smoothie you need to get the day started, especially the coffee and chocolate, oh, and that healthy stuff too, banana and honey.

    Recipe by: gingerbiscuit

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    Just a small iced coffee that takes 2-3 minutes of your time. Great way to drink coffee in hot weather.

    Recipe by: Phoenix

    200 reviews

    Ice cubes made from frozen coffee are blended with milk, sugar and chocolate topping to make a cold coffee drink for a hot day. Top with whipped cream to serve.

    Recipe by: WENDYCAIN

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    Just what you need on a hot, sleepy afternoon or a long, hot drive. Similar to bought iced coffee, at a fraction of the cost and fat free as well.

    Recipe by: Annalie

    1 review

    Anyone who has been to Vietnam will be familiar with the coffee process that sometimes seems to take longer to make than to drink. Here is my home ceremony, or you can just make it and give it to your friends.

    Recipe by: homeboy

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    A simple yet tasty drink perfect for a summer day. You can adjust the cinnamon and coffee amounts to taste.

    Recipe by: catlovestocook

    66 reviews

    This is a typical Vietnamese styled coffee that is super rich and sweet that can only be achieved from the use of condensed milk, great for a coffee lover who thinks they have tried everything.

    Recipe by: Joseph and Joyanna

    17 reviews

    This is a lovely creamy drink which we always make in summer. You can add more coffee if you like it strong.

    Recipe by: Lucy

    166 reviews

    Need an extra pick-me-up in the morning? This simple mocha coffee is as easy as. Just mix coffee, cocoa powder, sugar and a bit of milk. Then just enjoy.

    Recipe by: Johanna Adams

    115 reviews

    This is a blended-coffee treat just like you might buy at a cafe. You can make it non-dairy by using soy milk.

    Recipe by: LDENSVEN

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