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There are so many great recipes that can be used as a Japanese entree including nori rolls, sushi, tempura and soups.

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Cucumber sunomono are the quickest and easiest of the Japanese pickles. Serve as a salad, an entree or even in sandwiches. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Cucumber Sunomono Video.

Recipe by: Jackie

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Tamagoyaki, literally "grilled egg", is a Japanese snack often served with sushi or in bento boxes. It's simple enough but looks very special. Watch how it is made in our Japanese Omelette video .

Recipe by: Jackie

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Often called "Cucumber Sunomono", this dish is just vinegared cucumbers with salt, sugar and ginger. Makes a delicious entree or side dish that is very refreshing.

Recipe by: CHRISTYJ

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Crispy and delicious entree prawns that are marinated in mirin (rice wine) before being dipped in a homemade batter then deep fried. This Japanese batter also works great on fresh veggies.

Recipe by: SHERRY_G

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I used this recipe for a special dinner for two and it looked and tasted great as well as being easy to make. The tobiko garnish is great but not necessary.

Recipe by: tonytsang

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Cooking Okonomiyaki takes time, especially when you make many. Why don’t you bake it in oven just like pizza? You can make very large Okonomiyaki at a time and you don’t need to flip it over. Again I used pork and cabbage in this recipe. These can be substituted for any ingredients at all. Because this is ‘Okonomiyaki’, you can use whatever you like.

Recipe by: HirokoListon.com

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This is something a little different that takes simple seared scallops then wraps them in Nori (Japanese seaweed used to make sushi). A perfect entree or party nibble.

Recipe by: jswching

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Tempura is a lovely light and tasty Japanese entree. If you want to make it purely vegetarian, omit the dashi. Watch this recipe being made in the Allrecipes Tempura Video.

Recipe by: Jackie

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Yummy miso steak marinade for grilling, broiling, stir fry, etc... In makes a great entree served in a decorative Japanese style salad.

Recipe by: CRE8NCOOK

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