Gluten Free Snacks (29)

    There are many ways to snack, nibble or have a break without gluten as shown in these great gluten free recipe ideas like popcorn, chips and dip.

    Top Gluten Free Snack Recipes

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    These Tunisian biscuits are something like the Arabic version of shortbread. They are deliciously buttery and tender as well as being gluten-free.

    Recipe by: Diana

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    This sweetly spiced, melt-in-the-mouth dip is great for vegetarians, but meat-eaters will love it too. It is good as an appetiser or a light supper.

    Recipe by: Zoƫ Harpham

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    This recipe is great for kids (and adults!) who are lactose intolerant but everyone is sure to love them. You can use any mix of berries or any fruit in season. This recipe uses paper cups but you can use ice block moulds if you have them.

    Recipe by: Zoe

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    Making chips at home is fun and easy especially if you have a deep fryer. Experiment with the shape and thickness of the potatoes, you may like them thicker or thinner, and you can use kumara (sweet potato) too. I use olive oil but you can use other oils.

    Recipe by: ALMALOU

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    It is hard to believe that we have to pay so much for microwave popcorn when it is cheaper and just as easy and healthier to make it yourself the old fashioned way.

    Recipe by: Goodfooddaddy

    Gluten Free Snacks Videos

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      Guacamole with Tomatoes
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      Spanish Garlic Prawns
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      Sweet Potato Wedges

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