Low GI Soup

Try one of these low GI soup recipes that taste great and are fully of variety and flavour including vegetable, chickpea and lentil.

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Global Cuisine

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The oats make this a delicious thick tomato soup made even tastier with garlic and fresh coriander. Great for cold days.

Recipe by: AlejandraGomez

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This soup recipe comes from Africa and is a great balance of peanuts and sweet potatoes that is seasoned with cumin, coriander, garlic, cinnamon and cloves.

Recipe by: GregMcE

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A pressure cooked vegie soup recipe that even confirmed carnivores can't get enough of! I also serve it up over rice if I have extra mouths to feed. My pressure cooker is 16ltrs.

Recipe by: Hoamvxw

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Perfect for a cold winters day with that little kick. Slow cooker on in the morning, perfecto when you get home. With pumpkin, leek, lentils, veggie stock and curry.

Recipe by: lukecath

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Yummy soup. Fennel and radishes add a contrasting flavour to the pumpkin, carrots and sweet potato.

Recipe by: JADE2001AD

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A mixture of vegetables ensures a good variety of vitamins and minerals. You can be flexible with the ingredients.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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Celeriac, sometimes called knob celery, has a lot of flavour and provides a nice creamy texture. Spinach adds brightness and freshness.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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Beetroots provide the B vitamin folate. Cabbage and onions boost the vitamin C content of this classic chilled soup.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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This colourful soup is inspired by the spicy and complex flavours of chilli con carne. Full of delicious vegetables and served with tortillas and a refreshing salsa, it makes a healthy main course soup.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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