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Just because you are looking for a low-gi vegetarian option does not mean that you cannot have tasty meal as these recipes show.

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Jazz up brown rice with onion, parsley, basil and ginger. Substituting oil for the butter makes it vegan friendly.

Recipe by: Deborah Westbrook

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This is a combination of 2 dhal recipes that I found. Unlike most dhal recipes, this one does not have any chilli in it. It has become a firm favourite of a few Indian people that I know. Serve with rice and you have a really healthy, filling meal.

Recipe by: kattjovi

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I used to make this back in the UK, where I would buy a 'packet' spice mix especially for the Bombay potatoes. Since arriving in Australia there is nothing similar so I decided to make my own recipe which is much tastier! This can be eaten as a side dish to a curry, served with chicken and greens or on its own with a tasty naan bread - all equally as delicious.

Recipe by: lindsayloo

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This crispy-topped bake will win over even fussy eaters who claim they don't like vegetables. It's very convenient because it can be prepared in advance and baked just before serving. (Prepare through Step 4. Cover and refrigerate for up to 2 days.) Frozen vegetables can also be used.

Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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Baby beetroot is baked and mixed with orange, onion and rocket. This is a tasty vegetarian side dish.

Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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Grated potato cakes - or hash browns - make a crunchy accompaniment to grilled meat or roasted game. Here they are given a fresh appeal by using succulent sweet potatoes.

Recipe by: Pat Alburey

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I call this Chilli Non Carne because it has no meat in it. It's a really nice recipe for vegetarians, or for something just a little bit different. The amount of chilli powder is up to you, but this recipe is mildly hot. Really nice served with crusty bread or rice.

Recipe by: kattjovi

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These are an Indian side dish but oven baked rather than fried, which is traditional. They are flavoured with garlic, chilli and coriander.

Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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A vegetarian chilli dish based on green lentils not beans. Use in tacos or fajitas and burritos or just eat on its own. Omit the butter and its vegan. This dish keeps and freezes well and can be used as a base for adding meat or anything else you want.

Recipe by: RJTABER

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A creamy risotto is traditionally made with Arborio rice but this one uses pearl barley instead of rice. It takes longer to cook, but you don't have to stand and stir it the entire time. Parsley, lemon zest and broccolini add fresh flavours.

Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson

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