Italian Finger Food

    The Italian cuisine has a great range of finger food recipes such as bruschetta, crostini, tapenades, stuffed grapevine leaves and antipastos.

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    This is a very quick and effective entree or snack. You can make as many variations as your imagination allows. I use olive oil infused with cooked capsicums.

    Recipe by: TAMDALY

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    A great way to serve the green, white and red colours of Italy - tomato, bocconcini and basil. You can find the bite-sized bocconcini at most supermarkets. If you can only get the large ones, cut them in half.

    Recipe by: MADDIECAT

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    My family love my rice balls and I hope you do too! Please keep in mind this will take a while especially the first 2 times you make them! You could also easily make them vegetarian by omitting the meat and replace with a 1cm cube of mozzarella.

    Recipe by: Aussie Stace

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    A very robust tapenade with the assertive flavours of anchovies, capers and kalamata olives. Serve as an antipasto with pita bread triangles for dipping.

    Recipe by: Jim Clark

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    This is a lovely tapenade based on chopped dried figs and black olives. You can add a little more balsamic if you like it tangy.

    Recipe by: Anne

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    This capsicum is SO good! You will never consider buying marinated capsicum from the deli or in a jar ever again. Your hands may get a bit stained and need a scrub from taking off the skin but it is well worth the effort. I hope you love this capsicum as much as I do. You can use the capsicum on a cheese platter or antipasto platter. It tastes fantastic on sandwiches, pizzas or however you may like to use it.

    Recipe by: rasckus

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    One of the best things you can do when you get your hands on some good fresh Italian bread is make a simple bruschetta with basil and tomatoes.

    Recipe by: MATTC1

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    This garlic bread is made with 2 fresh baguettes, softened butter, minced garlic, parsley, fresh basil and pepper. It's wrapped up in tin foil and baked until crispy.

    Recipe by: Kilda

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    This is a fresh and tasty olive tapenade without anchovies. Serve with other dips and your favourite crackers or bread.

    Recipe by: TERESITA79

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    This is a beautiful dish that's always a hit! This is a layered antipasto plate, so you can cut it in square slices neatly and find all the ingredients in every bite. Add veggies to your liking. Serve with fresh ciabatta or crusty bread. Enjoy!

    Recipe by: WMAURO

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