Steamed Vegetables

    Steaming is a very healthy way to cook your vegetables and here are some recipes to help you do that while creating some great flavours.

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    Global Cuisine

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    This is a slightly different take on the traditional Thai steamed pumpkin and coconut cake. Its a sweet cake that is gluten-free and tastes great!

    Recipe by: Wiley

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    This easy-to-make party favourite is rich in fibre and bursting with flavour. Add more garlic if you like.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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    Rather than boiling asparagus, steam it for maximum flavour and tenderness. Try using vinaigrette dressing in place of the butter too.

    Recipe by: KIMIRAEJ

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    There's not much better than a simple steamed artichoke, served with butter for dipping. A great appetiser.

    Recipe by: Shai

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    This is a delicate sauce of thyme, dill, tomato and wine which is well suited to whitefish. I use flathead but others would work.

    Recipe by: HamiltonGrills

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    If you've got a lot of leeks this is a great way to make them into a side dish. The cottage cheese vinaigrette adds a nice taste. The leeks are steamed in the pressure cooker.

    Recipe by: fabrice

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    A really simple and healthy dinner of pan seared rockling fillets served over asparagus with a caper-butter sauce. Goes well with boiled potatoes.

    Recipe by: lucky

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    This is a delicious and very simple side dish to make when the rest of the meal is more labourious. The wine brings out the flavour of the asparagus.

    Recipe by: JOHN KARST

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    Tofu, mushrooms and chicken thighs are combined in this traditional Chinese dish that is full of protien and healthy being steamed rather than fried.

    Recipe by: tonytsang

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    Perfect for an entree or fancy side dish asparagus is steamed then drizzled with a tangy ginger and lime sauce.

    Recipe by: TerryWilson

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