No Cook Slices (23)

    A great sweet treat when you don't or can't turn the oven on. Recipes include mars bar slice, cheesecake slice and lemon slice.

    Top No Cook Slices Recipes

    151 reviews

    A delicious, no-cook and gluten-free peanut butter and chocolate chip slice. The chocolate chips are melted into a topping.

    Recipe by: Dawn DeMaster

    16 reviews

    Very easy to make. No cooking required! TASTY! Perfect for an afternoon or morning tea or even a picnic or packed lunch.

    Recipe by: starbe

    2 reviews

    No-cook chocolate coconut slice using crushed biscuits and condensed milk. Takes 10 mins to make.

    Recipe by: unique

    3 reviews

    A very tangy slice, that is so easy to make. An excellent mix of lemon, condensed milk and biscuits, it's a perfect no-cook delight.

    Recipe by: Samantha King

    5 reviews

    This delicious recipe is a guilty pleasure of mine. Enjoy a chewy crunchy caramel base with a rich chocolate ganache over the top that melts in your mouth... You can also do all the melting/heating in the microwave, but it's never quite as good!

    Recipe by: chorazy

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