Low GI Muffins

    This selection of muffin recipes are of a lower GI than the standard muffin recipes yet are still tasty and moist.

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    This is a great healthy substitute for fattier counterparts. You can use plain flour instead of wholemeal if desired. Other fruits can be substituted as well!

    Recipe by: Speck

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    Apart from the wholesome honey and apple ingredients indicated in the title this recipe also uses whole wheat flour, making it a healthy treat.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

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    A perfect healthy snack option these tasty muffins are packed with great ingredients like bran, honey, bananas and poppy seeds.

    Recipe by: SWIMMERVI

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    Perfect if you like a little less sweet muffin, the sugar in this recipe comes from apple puree and is also packed with healthy grains.

    Recipe by: sal

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    There is a great combination of fruits this muffin recipe; it uses bananas, fresh or frozen strawberries and apple sauce or puree.

    Recipe by: MIMI28

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    These are awesome to start you off for the day, get the metabolism working.

    Recipe by: karigen

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    Wholemeal muffins - honey-sweetened and packed with flavour - still manage to be low-fat and good for you. Skim milk, egg whites and just a little oil make these the healthy choice.

    Recipe by: JJOHN32

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    These muffins are perfect for breakfast, providing the energy the body needs in the morning. They are healthy too, using wholemeal flour, wheat germ and raisins.

    Recipe by: Lynn Lewis

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