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    Slices and bars make a great snack but this recipe selection is a little healthier than other options so you can eat with a clear conscience.

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    *Warning to young consumers* These brownies contain butter beans which are good for you! Don't worry too much though they still have two other important ingredients... sugar and chocolate. Do you need gluten free treats? These are the answer and they are simple to make!

    Recipe by: JASANDA100

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    This baked savoury slice is very nice served with a tossed salad or eaten on its own as a snack. It's a nice addition to school lunches.

    Recipe by: MRSCHUCK

    778 reviews

    These are a big hit with my workmates and friends. Very moist and easy to make. If you like banana cake, you'll love this slice.

    Recipe by: deltaj

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    A low saturated fat slice. Hubby had a bypass last year and I have been making baked goods that are good for the heart. This has a nice texture and a nice taste. I make 24 slices and freeze them. I use the basic recipe and vary the fruit. The date is my favourite, but the sultana one is also nice.

    Recipe by: Scribbles

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    Try this muesli bar and you'll never have a packet one again. Full of magic foods, this is a great snack to take to work or pack in the lunch box. Substitute your favourite mix of dried fruit or nuts.

    Recipe by: Patsy Jamieson, Diane Temple

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    A quick and easy dairy-free and healthy slice made with apples and wholemeal flour. Easy to take to work or to pack in the kids lunches.

    Recipe by: Cassandra Hendriks

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    I've always loved these simple treats made with chopped dates and oats. A great snack or lunch box food.

    Recipe by: CHEESEWEASEL

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    These chocolate brownies are decadent, moist and full of flavour, you'll find it hard to stop at one but at only 95 calories a slice, you won't have to feel so guilty.

    Recipe by: Ladynightshade

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    I make this for dessert during autumn and winter, and vary the nuts and dried fruits that I use. Serve with custard or over vanilla ice cream.

    Recipe by: MAEVEN6

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    This meal in a biscuit is baked with walnuts, rolled oats, wholemeal flour, flaxseed meal, almond butter, Agave nectar, died cherries and dark chocolate bits.

    Recipe by: IrisMac

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