Gluten Free Finger Food

    There are a lot of gluten free finger food recipe choices available for your next dinner party including dips, desserts and savoury snacks.

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    Global Cuisine

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    Grape leaves filled with lamb, rice and spices and simmered until perfectly tender. They taste even better after sitting for several hours.

    Recipe by: Robert Shagawat

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    This is a version of a Greek dip called Tirokafteri that includes roasted garlic. You can moderate the quantity of lemon juice to your own taste - some prefer a little less.

    Recipe by: Granola Gary

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    This is a sandwich on gluten-free "bread", called cloud bread. The cloud bread is made with only three ingredients: cream cheese, eggs and baking powder. I left the rolls to cool slightly and then topped with cheese, tomato and avocado, but you can vary of course! The "bread" has the consistency of very light white bread.

    Recipe by: anna77

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    A delicious spread or dip to be enjoyed on your favourite crackers, for vegetable crudites, or to dollop on top of vegetables. Dairy-free and vegan but still creamy.

    Recipe by: Gaia

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    Creamy dips were standard fare at cocktail parties in the 1950s. They were usually served with plain crackers or potato chips, but you might also like to serve them with pita triangles or a platter of sliced fresh vegetables.

    Recipe by: Lynn Cole

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    In this dip, dates are cooked until smooth and pulpy with apple and aromatic spices to create a dip to serve with fruit and vegetable pieces. Alternatively, use this as an unusual topping for toast, scones or fruit bread.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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