Marinated Prawns

Prawns are delicate seafood that work well with the subtle flavours of marinades, try these bbq, stir fry and sautéed prawn recipes.

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Despite the cliches there's nothing as good as prawns on the barbie! This is a quick and easy marinade using Thai red curry paste and Dijon mustard.

Recipe by: NEDB

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Here's a recipe for a basic barbecued prawn marinade that includes Cajun seasoning and lime. Very quick and delicious!

Recipe by: Kimmy K

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Bring the tastes of Thailand to your next barbecue or dinner with this marinated prawn salad flavoured with lime, lemongrass, ginger and chilli!

Recipe by: Alphonsine

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This is an easy to make prawn dish however to get the full flavour from it you need to leave it to marinate overnight.

Recipe by: Bijou

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This is a marinade for prawns with the fresh kick of tequila, lime and garlic. You can cook the prawns on the barbecue if you prefer.

Recipe by: Teri_loves_to_cook

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This marinated prawns recipe is a classic Thai snack. You can cook them on the barbecue or under the grill, whichever you prefer.

Recipe by: Cathie

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Try this barbecue prawn marinade which has a touch of pomegranate molasses. You can find the molasses at gourmet and Middle Eastern shops.

Recipe by: Clouken

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A delicious marinade for fresh prawns, and a very filling and easy dinner. You can, of course, substitute fresh corn for frozen if you prefer, or increase the amount of chilli powder.

Recipe by: CYNDIABA

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This prawn and pineapple skewers recipe has a Caribbean feel from the addition of rum to the marinade. Simple and delicious as a summer appetiser.

Recipe by: annef

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Prawns are delicious in and of themselves and do not need a complex marinade or long marinating time. This is a great snack as part of a barbecue lunch.

Recipe by: Cloclo75

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