Pastry filled with either sweet or savoury filling is rolled up, then cut into slices that bake into tasty scrolls. Easier to make at home than you think!

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A great, tasty yet simple snack idea. Who didn't have these treats when they were growing up? You'll love them.

Recipe by: Susie Fisher

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This recipe was given to me by a friend but i have slightly altered it. I promise you, you will not be disappointed.

Recipe by: Nackfath

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The dough for these cinnamon scrolls is easy to prepare in a bread machine. They are wonderful fresh, but don't freeze well.

Recipe by: Stephanie

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The perfect lunchbox or after school treat, or something quick to put together if visitors are on their way. Greet them with the awesome aromas of fresh pizza and it only takes minutes! Make with gluten free or wholemeal flour if desired. You can also make a sweet version with raisins and jam, or cheese and Vegemite like the ones in the bakeries. Don't be put off by making the dough, it's EASY PEASY!

Recipe by: glof

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I recently adapted a recipe for Vegemite Scrolls into a sweet version using chocolate hazelnut spread and coconut. Unfortunately my little Aussie kids do not like Vegemite! They are even sweeter with a little icing drizzled over the top.

Recipe by: Linda

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The dough for these cinnamon scrolls is made in a bread machine before it is shaped into buns and baked in the oven.

Recipe by: Marsha Fernandez

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Scroll dough is made with orange juice and zest in your bread machine. It's rolled and baked after being stuffed with brown sugar, cardamom and dried cranberries.

Recipe by: John Courtenay

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These snacky scrolls taste so good kids will forget there is spinach in them! Super easy to make with frozen puff pastry.

Recipe by: TanyaS

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Vegemite and cheese - such a classic flavour combination. Kids in particular will love these 'cheesymite' scrolls either in their lunchbox or as an afternoon snack. The scrolls not only taste great, but can be frozen for up to two months.

Recipe by: HWright

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These puff pastry scrolls are filled with red capsicum, salami and cheese making them the perfect party food. They are easy to prepare; just freeze the prepared pastry rolls and then cut and bake as needed.

Recipe by: babsi_s

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