Flans can mean either an open faced sweet pies or creme caramels. Whether you're looking for recipes for fruit flans or traditional custard flans, you'll find them here.

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    Flan is a very dramatic and creamy dessert and not at all hard to make! Serve at your next tapas party!

    Recipe by: ASOTO

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    An old fashioned favourite lemon flan is easy to make yet satisfying to eat. The trick is fresh lemon zest and good quality milk.

    Recipe by: Capucine

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    A quick and easy flan that uses either fresh berries such as strawberries or blackberries or banana. Good hot or cold.

    Recipe by: Vickie de Vries

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    This flan is of the creme caramel variety. It couldn't be easier to make. Nice sweet but light-on-the-stomach dessert. It's always a hit with my family. I never make enough apparently...

    Recipe by: ajmalyasmin

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    This is an incredibly easy dessert to make. For a denser, cheesecake-like texture, substitute 200g cream cheese for two of the eggs.

    Recipe by: JESSICADEZ

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    This is a steamed flan that has custard made from sweetened condensed milk, evaporated milk and egg yolks layered on top of a brown sugar base.

    Recipe by: Aracely Pusch

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    We like to make this recipe at Christmas. As an alternative, try adding almond essence instead of vanilla for a different taste. It's easy to make and quite dramatic.

    Recipe by: Tigerlily402

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    This is a very basic egg flan that is rich and simple in flavours. Serve with fresh fruit and/or a coulis to provide a taste contrast.

    Recipe by: Gilles

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    A delicious dessert for a dinner party, this smooth creme brulee is infused with star anise and cashews.

    Recipe by: Jackie

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    This is a large creme caramel or flan which has the best texture I've ever tasted. It uses coconut cream and pineapple.

    Recipe by: Leticia

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