Pine Nuts (36)

Pine nuts are a great little nut they find their way into many popular recipes like salads, risottos, biscuits and the occasional savoury dish.

Top Pine Nuts Recipes

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This recipe combines the pungent Mediterranean and Indian flavours for a quick and delicious side dish or vegetarian main.

Recipe by: Cinderella

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A quick, fabulous and nutritious salad. You can use either baby rocket or wild rocket in this dish.

Recipe by: KELLID26

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Delicious fresh green beans simmered in water until tender then tossed with a mixture of sauteed minced garlic and chopped pine nuts in olive oil. Makes a tasty side.

Recipe by: ISBLESSED

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Pine nuts and sesame seeds add a delicious nutty flavour to this quick bok choy stir fry. If you use normal size bok choy, slice then in half before you cook. You can cook any green leafy vegetables this way and omit the fish sauce if you want a vegetarian version.

Recipe by: Herbie's Spices

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Green beans sautéed with garlic are topped off with a splash of wine and toasted pine nuts. Fresh green beans are best but frozen will do just fine.

Recipe by: Lauri Ann Randolph

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