Pumpkin Risotto (28)

    Pumpkin in risotto is a sweet and colourful addition. Pumpkin risotto recipes include roast pumpkin, baked pumpkin and steamed pumpkin versions.

    Top Pumpkin Risotto Recipes

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    If you like the natural sweet flavour of butternut pumpkin, you'll love this risotto! It is so creamy and full of flavour! Great as a sidedish or main course.

    Recipe by: MSCHEF

    6 reviews

    This is such an easy chicken, pumpkin and spinach risotto to make. You can make this with simplicity all in an electric teflon wok!

    Recipe by: foodtechnologyteacher

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    Half the world's people rely on rice as their staple food. Rice offers B vitamins and some minerals; its protein features a good balance of amino acids.

    Recipe by: Janet Mitchell

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    This is my version of the increasingly popular Pumpkin Risotto. Its very creamy with the feta through it and totally mooreish. I played around with it for some time before I got it to this point. My whole family love this recipe and I get cheers from my kids when I tell them we are having it for dinner. I have only rated it a medium difficulty because of the constant stirring involved. it's not a "chuck it together and leave it" type meal.

    Recipe by: JodyW

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    Risotto is such hearty and comforting food. This pumpkin risotto has fetta for added spike and salties and some baby spinach for colour.

    Recipe by: MEL_JADE

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