Braised Chicken (31)

    Braising is a classic cooking technique where the meat is first seared and then simmered in liquid resulting in a moist and flavourful dish.

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    Chicken is fried with a simple seasoning of pepper and garlic salt before being simmered in tomatoes flavoured with basil, oregano, rosemary and thyme.

    Recipe by: MOONANDBACK

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    You can use prosciutto or bacon if you can't find pancetta in this sumptuous and filling braised chicken cacciatore.

    Recipe by: dbarrett

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    Chicken breasts are stewed in a white wine and a simple but delicious stock. In French cooking, mirepoix is the traditional base of diced carrots, onion and celery sautéed in butter that is the base of many stews, soups and sauces.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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    Chicken braised in a hearty rosemary and garlic sauce. This recipe calls for 1 cut up chicken with the skin removed. However feel free to substitute just breast meat or just thighs, if preferred. I personally prefer the thighs in this recipe. Just be sure to remove the skin or it will have too much fat. The bones add flavour but boneless cuts will work equally as well.

    Recipe by: Lauri Ann Randolph

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    This can be easily done in a slow cooker but I prefer in an oven. Serve the braised garlic chicken with pasta and salad or fresh vegetables.

    Recipe by: SpicyChick

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