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Kugel is a Jewish dessert or casserole which is usually based on fruit and egg noodles, but there are many variations.

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This is an Ashkenazi Jewish pudding called kugel, originally savoury but now more often prepared sweet. A great side dish or dessert.

Recipe by: 440DartRacer

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This is a Jewish dessert called Kugel. It can be served as a side dish, at brunch or after a fast such as Yom Kippur.

Recipe by: Marylyn

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Cranberry and apple matzo kugel makes a lovely dessert for Passover Seder. By using Granny Smith apples and dried cranberries, you get a tart yet sweet flavour.

Recipe by: Cindy Faigin

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This sweet kugel uses egg noodles and is is flavoured with vanilla and apple sauce. It is baked over a layer of sweet biscuit crumbs.

Recipe by: ANGCHICK

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This recipe calls for farfel, which is a Jewish variety of egg noodle. You can find it at the supermarket.

Recipe by: NIBLETS

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