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    Vodka-soaked watermelon mixed with champagne, ginger ale and orange juice. The alcohol can be as cheap or as expensive as you want. As my friend who makes this says, "think Bolly-Stoli, but it's more likely Smirnoff-Carrington!" You can garnish or top with mint leaves too. Hello New Year!

    Recipe by: leon

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    This is perfect for when melons are in season. It's a great breakfast or afternoon snack and very healthy. Kids love to help make and consume!

    Recipe by: Penny

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    Rockmelon and raspberries are blended with yoghurt. This is perfect for when rockmelon is in season. Try it with any other berry in place of the raspberries!

    Recipe by: Penny

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    Salty tangy feta cheese contrasts well with fresh sweet watermelon and peaches. Served on a bed of spicy salad leaves.

    Recipe by: Elaine Russell

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    Light, cool and refreshing, this is an ideal entree for a Summer lunch or dinner.

    Recipe by: fairfieldstation

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    I love watermelon in the summer, it is the perfect snack for a hot, sunny day. I was inspired to make my favourite summer snack into a cocktail. This sweet, fresh, pink hued champagne cocktail is not too alcoholic and great to serve at a barbie. It's best if you can chill the watermelon overnight.

    Recipe by: kookinkitten

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    This quick and easy cold drink is perfect for a hot summer’s day. The recipe uses honey rather than refined sugar for its sweetness.

    Recipe by: ILOVSCREAM

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    On a hot summer’s day this is like drinking fresh fruit, it is a great balance of strawberries, watermelon and lemon juice.

    Recipe by: RAZZBERY1

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    This is a wonderful alcoholic punch for summer. Watermelon based with wine, vodka, limes, oranges and blueberries - it looks amazing on the table.

    Recipe by: bewitched

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    This salsa is spicy from jalapeno chilli but the watermelon cools it off perfectly. Great for anything cooked on the barbecue.

    Recipe by: dawn

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