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    There are many kinds of melons and many kinds of recipes you can make with them! Look here for melon salad, melon salsa, melon cocktails and melon soup.

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    12 reviews

    In this salad the watermelon halves are used as the bowls for a mix of fruits. For a dinner of four each person gets their own salad!

    Recipe by: GREEKGURU

    46 reviews

    A rockmelon smoothie! Perfect for those hot summer days or for a healthy after school snack.

    Recipe by: ONECUTETEXAN

    48 reviews

    This is a great take on salsa which uses watermelon instead of tomato but still includes onion, chilli, coriander and balsamic vinegar.

    Recipe by: Larry Brodahl

    60 reviews

    A very refreshing fruit soup, served chilled fer dessert. Garnish with mint if desired.

    Recipe by: akhowell

    87 reviews

    Okay, a combination of great flavours! Watermelon, onion, lime, feta, olives and mint! You'll be amazed.

    Recipe by: Jessica Mayo

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