Smoked Chicken

Smoked chicken is a great ingredient and a little unusual so makes an interesting change. It is perfect for many recipes including pasta, salad and pie.

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Global Cuisine

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With delicate flavours and delicious aromas, this pie whispers "it took all day to make me" and only you will know the truth.

Recipe by: Sefi

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This recipe is quick and easy, suitable for lunch or dinner. For a quick dinner with the family, or surprise your dinner guests with this dish filled with exciting Mediterranean flavours with a bistro feel. This recipe also works as a risotto, obviously replacing the fettuccini pasta with your favourite rice. Bon Appetit!

Recipe by: Venuskitten

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Don't be afraid of the salt marinade - it makes the skin crispy and the flesh unbelievably sweet. Keen to hear from others who marinate for longer than I.

Recipe by: Studebaker

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This salad looks and tastes impressive, but is so quick and easy to make

Recipe by: WendyB

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Deliciously moist and smokey chicken at about 1/2 the cost of shop bought chicken. You just require a hooded BBQ or similar, to transform an ordinary chicken into an extra-ordinary bird to eat hot or cold.

Recipe by:

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A whole chicken that is stuffed with fresh herbs then barbecued over hot coals and moist wood chips, to reach a smoky flavour.

Recipe by: CAJUN MOMMA

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I love the colours in this dish, the bright red of the capsicum and green of the sugar snap peas. It tastes great too.

Recipe by: Jill M.

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You can make a delicious smoky slow barbecue chicken right in your own oven. Increase the spice by adding chilli pepper to the sauce.

Recipe by: Eric

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This is a bit fiddly to do but creates a 'just like the TV shows' smoked chicken thigh that the whole family will love.

Recipe by: BushCook

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This is a bit different from your usual pizza! You can often find quail eggs in Asian markets.

Recipe by: LP

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